Description: The Amazon S3 Block Public Access feature provides settings for access points, buckets, and accounts to help you manage public access to Amazon S3 resources. By default, new buckets, access points, and objects don't allow public access. However, users can modify bucket policies, access point policies, or object permissions to allow public access. S3 Block Public Access settings override these policies and permissions so that you can limit public access to these resources.

Rationale: S3 Block Public Access, account administrators and bucket owners can easily set up centralized controls to limit public access to their Amazon S3 resources that are enforced regardless of how the resources are created.

When Amazon S3 receives a request to access a bucket or an object, it determines whether the bucket or the bucket owner's account has a block public access setting applied. If the request was made through an access point, Amazon S3 also checks for block public access settings for the access point. If there is an existing block public access setting that prohibits the requested access, Amazon S3 rejects the request.


Amazon S3 Block Public Access provides four settings. These settings are independent and can be used in any combination. Each setting can be applied to an access point, a bucket, or an entire AWS account. If the block public access settings for the access point, bucket, or account differ, then Amazon S3 applies the most restrictive combination of the access point, bucket, and account settings. You can enable block public access settings only for access points, buckets, and AWS accounts. Amazon S3 doesn't support block public access settings on a per-object basis. When you apply block public access settings to an account, the settings apply to all AWS Regions globally. The settings might not take effect in all Regions immediately or simultaneously, but they eventually propagate to all Regions.

Enable block public access on the Amazon S3 console:

    Amazon S3 Block Public Access provides four settings. You can apply these settings in any combination to individual access points, buckets, or entire AWS accounts. The following image shows how to enable block public access on the Amazon S3 console for your account.

Default:  Default encryption works with all existing and new Amazon S3 buckets. Without default encryption, to encrypt all objects stored in a bucket, you must include encryption information with every object storage request. You must also set up an Amazon S3 bucket policy to reject storage requests that don't include encryption information.