Security Awareness Training - Security Operations 

The Internet of Things is a developing marketplace in which every item within the office, from the thermostat to the refrigerator, is connected to the Internet to provide a constant data link that helps automate various elements of office life. While this increasing automation is making the life of the modern employee easier and helping companies reduce costs, it also presents a very real security risk.

In an environment where many systems are connected to the same server, it only takes a small flaw in a rarely used product to allow access to the entire data infrastructure. And, all too often, connected devices are left vulnerable through the use of default passwords, and standard security protocols that have long since been infiltrated by hackers.

The IoT trend has given rise to the looming threat of botnets, which are automated systems that scan large swaths of information in seconds for potential weaknesses. Botnets use default passwords and other standard security processes to log in to unprotected devices, allowing them to control the device after entry and then use the data they find to impact the company, its staff, and employees.

In capitalizing on the IoT trends within their companies, teams must maintain clear sight of their security goals and mitigate the impact of automation on their security structure.