Password Management policy - Identity Management

The technique of confirming a software user's identification without using a password is known as password-less authentication. The most typical forms of password-less authentication involve confirming a user's ownership of a second device or account, as well as a biometric characteristic that is exclusive to them, such as their Voice Signatures or Face Recognition.

Voice Signatures :

 A voice signature is a recording of a person's voice that is used to verify their identity. Voice signatures are used in a variety of applications, including security systems, banking, and customer service.   Voice signatures are created by recording a person speaking a phrase or word that is unique to them. The recording is then analyzed to create a digital representation of the person's voice. This representation is known as a voiceprint. Voiceprints are used to verify a person's identity by comparing them to a database of known voiceprints.   Voice signatures are considered to be more secure than other types of biometrics, such as fingerprints because they are more difficult to fake. However, voice signatures can be affected by changes in a person's voice, such as those caused by illness or injury. 

Face Recognition:

 Face Recognition is one of the latest trends in Face Recognition Technology. The technology is designed to provide facial recognition for the users of the system. Face Recognition technology is used for the authentication of the identity of the person using the system. The technology uses the facial features of the user to verify the identity. Face Recognition technology is used in Video Surveillance systems to identify the person in the video. The technology is also used in the Identification systems to verify the identity of the person. Face Recognition technology is used in the Access Control systems to verify the identity of the person. The technology is used in security systems to verify the identity of the person. Face Recognition technology is used in Biometric systems to verify the identity of the person.

Password less Authentication Is Better than a Password:

Password-less authentication delivers a more seamless experience than conventional username and password (U/P) login (that can be more secure if it relies on WebAuthn). This not only helps you save money, but in some circumstances, it may even improve sales.