Employee Handbook Agreement - Employee Lifecycle Management

Recruitment and selection process

Our hiring steps might vary across roles, but we always aim for a process that is fair and effective in hiring great people. When we are hiring for an open role, we will likely go through these steps:

  1. Identify the need for a new job opening.

  1. Decide whether to hire externally or internally.

  1. Review job descriptions and write a job ad.

  1. Get approval for your job ad.

  1. Select appropriate sources (external or internal) to post your job opening.

  1. Decide on hiring stages and possible timeframes.

  1. Review resumes in our company database/ATS.

  1. Source passive candidates.

  1. Shortlist applicants.

  1. Screen and interview candidates.

  1. Run background checks and check references.

  1. Select the most suitable candidate.

  1. Make an official offer.

Steps may overlap, so skip steps when appropriate. Each member of a hiring team might have different responsibilities (e.g. recruiters source and hiring managers interview candidates.)

Throughout this process, we aim to keep candidates informed, communicate well with each other and give everyone an equal opportunity to work with us. Ask our recruiters for help whenever you need to enhance candidate experience or write an inclusive job description.

Background checks

As part of the hiring norms, we also perform background and/or reference checks on potential candidates. HR is given clear guidance on this. This process is sensitive and we must always abide by laws and ensure candidates understand our intentions. As a general rule, commission a background and/or reference check for finalists only. We ensure the candidates’ share the reference check from a previous employer.


If you know someone who you think would be a good fit for a position at our company, feel free to refer them. If we end up hiring your referred candidate, you are eligible for $3000 referral bonus. Our employee referral rewards may be higher if we hire your referred candidate in a hard-to-fill role.