A SCADA system is a set of software and hardware that enables the automation of industrial processes and the data collection inside them. These are used to monitor and control a wide variety of processes and systems, including power plants, oil and gas pipelines, water treatment facilities and manufacturing plants. 

There are two main types of SCADA systems: 1) Those that use a proprietary protocols 2) Those that use standard protocols. The most common standard protocol used in SCADA systems is Modbus. Other common protocol include DNP3 and IEC 60870-5. 


1. Local SCADA Systems - These are typically used to control a single process or group of processes in a single location. 

2. Regional SCADA Systems - These are used to control multiple processes in multiple locations. 

3. Enterprise SCADA Systems - Used to control multiple processes in multiple locations across a wide area. 

Benefits of SCADA Systems:

Increased efficiency 


Reduced costs

Greater protection