Employee device management can also be known as mobile device management. The process of securing, overseeing, and managing the usage of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in the workplace is known as mobile device management. Controlling data, configuration options, and applications on all mobile devices used by a business or organisation is the purpose of MDM.

Benefits of mobile device management

There are many benefits to using mobile device management in your business.

Protection of company data

Your data may be at risk if your employees are using mobile devices that are connected to your corporate database. This could include confidential information like price lists, product specifications, special company procedures, financial data, and payment information from clients. Your IT managers can use MDM to limit sharing, assign secure passwords, and configure rights for specific data sets. These safety measures can stop data loss and abuse.

Lower risk of hacking and malware

MDM gives an extra layer of protection to keep your business safe from outside threats like malware, phishing, and other sorts of assaults. It does this by having built-in security, but it also does this by restricting the kinds of apps that employees may use on their smartphones because some of them might be infected with malware.

Device updates and backup

Individual users might not be strict about keeping the software on their devices up to date and consistent with your company's data policy due to a lack of time or attention to detail. You can distribute routine updates to all work devices using MDM. This includes any configurations required to guarantee adherence to current data policies. For redundancy and protection in case something occurs to a work device, MDM can also enable routine auto-backups of data.

Remote support

The ability to remotely access a device and resolve a problem when an employee is away from the office or working remotely is a huge advantage. Without remote assistance, the worker would have to mail the equipment to the company's headquarters for IT to fix, then mail it back. The employee may complete the process more easily and with less downtime because to MDM's remote assistance features, which also boost productivity.

Device tracking

There is always a possibility of loss or theft with mobile devices, either by the employee or from the employee. MDM enables administrators to locate the devices and place geo-locks on them to protect the data they contain. Remote erasure is an option for lost or stolen devices.

Most important features of mobile device management

  • Mandatory passwords
  • Password, blacklist and other security policy enforcement
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Remote wipe (to safeguard data on lost or stolen devices)
  • Backup and restore function
  • Device and data encryption
  • Malware detection
  • Restricted access to specific data and apps based on location
  • VPN configuration and management
  • Wi-Fi configuration and management
  • Fully managed, 24/7 monitoring of threats
  • Integration with your existing security and management solutions