This policy allows an organization to configure Named locations and configure whether those locations are trusted or untrusted. These settings provide organizations the means to specify Geographical locations for use in conditional access policies, or define actual IP addresses and IP ranges and whether or not those IP addresses and/or ranges are trusted by the organization.


Defining trusted source IP addresses or ranges helps organizations create and enforce conditional Access policies around those trusted or untrusted IP addresses and ranges. Users authenticating from trusted IP addresses and/or ranges may have less access restrictions or access requirements when compared to users that try to authenticate to Azure Active Directory from untrusted locations or untrusted source IP addresses/ranges.


When configuring Named locations, the organization can create locations using Geographical location data or by defining source IP addresses or ranges. Configuring Named locations using a Country location does not provide the organization the ability to mark those locations as trusted, and any Conditional Access policy relying on those Countries location setting will not be able to use the All trusted locations setting within the Conditional Access policy. They instead will have to rely on the Select locations setting. This may add additional resource requirements when configuring, and will require thorough organizational testing. In general, Conditional Access policies may completely prevent users from authenticating to Azure Active Directory, and thorough testing is recommended. To avoid complete lockout, a 'Break Glass' account with full Global Administrator rights is recommended in the event all other administrators are locked out of authenticating to Azure Active Directory. This 'Break Glass' account should be excluded from Conditional Access Policies and should be configured with the longest pass phrase feasible. This account should only be used in the event of an emergency and complete administrator



From Azure Portal

1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to Azure AD Conditional Access

2. Click on Security

3. Click on Named Locations

Ensure there are IP ranges location settings configured and marked as Trusted

From PowerShell


In the output from the above command, for each Named location group, make sure at least one entry contains the IsTrusted parameter with a value of True. Otherwise, if there is no output as a result of the above command or all of the entries contain the IsTrusted parameter with an empty value, a NULL value, or a value of False, the results are out of compliance with this check.


From Azure Portal

1. Navigate to the Azure AD Conditional Access Blade

2. Click on the Named locations blade

3. Within the Named locations blade, click on IP ranges location

4. Enter a name for this location setting in the Name text box

5. Click on the + sign

6. Add an IP Address Range in CIDR notation inside the text box that appears

7. Click on the Add button

8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each IP Range that needs to be added

9. If the information entered are trusted ranges, select the Mark as trusted location check box

10.Once finished, click on Create

From PowerShell

Create a new trusted IP-based Named location policy

[System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Microsoft.Open.MSGraph.Model.IpRange]]$ipRanges = @()
$ipRanges.Add("<first IP range in CIDR notation>")
$ipRanges.Add("<second IP range in CIDR notation>")
$ipRanges.Add("<third IP range in CIDR notation>")
New-AzureADMSNamedLocationPolicy -OdataType
"#microsoft.graph.ipNamedLocation" -DisplayName "<name of IP Named locationpolicy> -IsTrusted $true -IpRanges $ipRanges

Set an existing IP-based Named location policy to trusted

Set-AzureADMSNamedLocationPolicy -PolicyId "<ID of the policy>" -OdataType"#microsoft.graph.ipNamedLocation" -IsTrusted $true

Default Value:

By default, no locations are configured under the Named locations blade within the

Azure AD Conditional Access blade.



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