Limiting your Cosmos DB to only communicate on whitelisted networks lowers its attack footprint.                

Selecting certain networks for your Cosmos DB to communicate restricts the number of networks including the internet that can interact with what is stored within the database.

Failure to whitelist the correct networks will result in a connection loss.

Default Value:
By default, Cosmos DBs are set to have access to all networks. 


From Azure Portal

1. Open the portal menu.    

2. Select the Azure Cosmos DB blade

3. Select a Cosmos DB to audit.

4. Select Networking

5. Under Public network access, ensure Selected networks are selected.

6. Under Virtual networks, ensure appropriate virtual networks are configured.

From Azure CLI 

az cosmosdb database list az cosmosdb show <ddatabase id>> isVirtualNetworkFilterEnabled should be set to true


From Azure Portal                    

1. Open the portal menu.

2. Select the Azure Cosmos DB blade.

3. Select a Cosmos DB account to audit.                    

4.. Select Networking.

5. Under Public network access, select Selected networks.        

6. Under Virtual networks, select + Add existing virtual network or + Add a new virtual network.

7. For existing networks,, select subscription,, virtual network,, subnet and click Add . For new networks, provide a name, update the default values if required, and click Create.

8. Click Save.