Organizations maintain a comprehensive record of the movements of hardware and electronic media, as well as the individuals responsible for these assets. This practice is crucial for tracking the physical whereabouts and handling of sensitive equipment, storage media, and electronic devices that may contain confidential information, including Protected Health Information (PHI). By maintaining detailed records of these movements, organizations can enhance security, accountability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The record-keeping process involves documenting the movement, transfer, or disposal of hardware and electronic media throughout their lifecycle. Each entry in the record should include essential information such as the asset's description, unique identifier, location, date, time, and the individual responsible. This information aids in monitoring asset usage, identifying potential security breaches, and ensuring proper handling of devices containing sensitive information.

Maintaining these records serves not only as a security measure but also as an accountability tool to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or theft of hardware and media that may compromise the confidentiality and integrity of electronic data.

Priority: High

Category: Security and Asset Management

Services Associated with AWS:

- N/A (This requirement is typically not specific to cloud services and may apply to physical assets and media storage)

Services Associated with Azure:

  • - Azure Inventory Management Services (if applicable)
  • - Azure Asset Tracking (if applicable)

Objective Evidence:

- Administrative: Documented policies and procedures for recording hardware and media movements

- Administrative: Supporting documentation demonstrating the proper handling and tracking of electronic media

- Technical: Records and logs of hardware and media movements

Possible Technology Considerations:

- Inventory Management Systems

- Asset Tracking Software

- Barcode Scanning

- RFID Technology

What needs to be answered:

- Are there documented policies and procedures for recording the movements of hardware and electronic media?

- Can the organization provide evidence of how these records are maintained and used for accountability?

- Are there mechanisms in place to capture and document the movements of hardware and electronic media, including the responsible individuals?

More details:

The maintenance of such records is a fundamental practice for safeguarding electronic data, especially PHI, by tracking the physical movement and handling of devices and media that may contain sensitive information. This measure assists in preventing data breaches and ensuring proper asset management.